Alexander Valley Winegrowers (AVW) is dedicated to ensuring our website is accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities. We adhere to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA as part of our commitment to accessibility.

Accessibility Features:

  • Text Alternatives: We provide alternative text for images to aid users who employ screen readers.
  • Keyboard Navigation: Our website supports navigation using a keyboard for users unable to use a mouse.
  • Visual Design: We use high-contrast color schemes and clear typography to assist users with visual impairments.
  • Structured Content: Our website content is organized using headings and labels for easy navigation.

Continuous Accessibility Efforts: We continuously seek to improve our website’s accessibility based on feedback and ongoing reviews of our digital content.

Your Feedback Matters: We welcome your input on improving accessibility. Please contact us with any comments or concerns regarding our website’s accessibility at

AVW remains committed to creating an inclusive environment and ensuring that all members and visitors can access and benefit from our content and services.