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Welcome to Key to the Valley Membership Program

Dive deep into the heart of Alexander Valley’s wine community with exclusive access and special privileges designed for true wine enthusiasts. Become a part of our future by supporting sustainability and enjoying a host of elite benefits. This is your invitation to experience the best of Alexander Valley.

Membership Benefits Across Both Tiers

  • Preferred Pricing & Access: Enjoy special pricing on wine purchases and events, with front-line access to tastings and walk-in visits at select wineries.
  • Sustainability & Community Support: Your membership helps sustain the vibrancy of the Alexander Valley wine region, fostering a community dedicated to excellence and heritage.

Premier Tier Membership

Maximize your wine experience with top-tier benefits:

  • Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy up to 30% off at select wineries across Alexander Valley.
  • Wine Ambassador Program: Attend four sessions and become an official AV Wine Ambassador with a completion certificate.
  • VIP Event Access: Receive two tickets to exclusive events, mingling with winemakers and aficionados.
  • Enhanced Winery Access: Benefit from priority reservations, skip lines, and gain walk-in privileges at our member wineries.

Essential Tier Membership

Ideal for those new to the wine scene or looking to deepen their connection:

  • Selective Discounts: Get up to 30% off at participating wineries.
  • Wine Ambassador Program Access: Secure two seats in our educational sessions.
  • Exclusive Winery Access: Make the most of special reservations for a personalized tasting experience.
  • Handpicked Wines: Receive two bottles of select Alexander Valley wines annually.

Join Us

Embrace a key role in the community you love. With Key to the Valley membership, gain more than benefits—it’s your gateway to a community passionate about quality wine and sustainable practices. Space is limited, secure your membership today and elevate your wine journey in Alexander Valley.

Thank You to Our Members!
Your enthusiasm and support enhance the sustainability and quality of Alexander Valley.
Welcome to Key to the Valley, where your wine adventure reaches new heights.

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